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Waiting To Meet Ms. Perfect

Waiting to Meet Ms. Perfect?

It must be all told tough. Do you think you are just a victim of bad luck and thatís the reason Ms. Perfect hasnít appeared in your breath yet? Or have you decided that maybe Ms. Perfect only exists on movie screens and not out here in the real world? BINGO! Youíve got it. She doesnít exist anywhere except in your imagination and on movie screens.

The truth of the matter is that the reason Ms. Perfect hasn't appeared has nothing to do with your luck, good or bad, but everything to do with you and the fact that you are busy looking for a person that doesn't obtain! You can't date with your eyes closed and some impossible dream in your head. You'll get so caught up in this whole exercise of dating that you forget to look for the qualities you seek! You haven't met the person of your dreams because you aren't looking for the things that will make them airless enough to perfect for you.

You are so confident that every woman you have met could not give you what you wanted. But what was it that you wanted in the first place? Once you are sure of what you want, you leave know exactly what to look for in your woman. What are the qualities that you feel are necessary in a person? What are the attributes you are willing to make a compromise on? Keep you thought about all these?

Recognize, that nobody on this earth is perfect. Everybody has faultsÖsome are bigger faults than other faults. Some are faults you can overlook and some are faults that you couldnít overlook on your best day and if she was the most beautiful, most sexy woman on the planet.

When you meet a woman, remember, however hard you struggle to impress others, you cannot control their thought processes. Instead, itís far better to concentrate on your needs and desires, and how much of what you need would be fulfilled if you dated this woman.




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